For the entire duration of the City Triathlon Weert, (sports)physiotherapeutic coaching will be available. This will be provided by Topfysiotherapie van der Zanden. They have expertise in coaching (top)sportsmen and -women, including triathletes. Both at the finish and at the Venue Service Centre (VSC), physiotherapists will be available for examination, advice and treatment, if required. In the Venue Service Centre, ultrasound equipment is at their disposal, which will allow for on-site imaging. This will provide immediate insight into the manner and the severity of your symptoms. For information:

Sports massage
During the City Triathlon Weert, sports massage will be provided in the Venue Service Centre (VSC). Sports massage will be organized by Topfysiotherapie van der Zanden. When required, there will always be a prior consultation between a physiotherapist and a sports masseur/masseuse.  In the event of injuries, you can report to the physiotherapist at the finish or in the Venue Service Centre (see Physiotherapy for further details). Check for further information.

Fysiotherapie Sportmassage Fysiotherapie Sportmassage