WEERT – During the European Master Games in Nice (France) a delegation of the Foundation City Triathlon Weert (Dutch: Stichting Stadstriathlon Weert) got the official confirmation by the ETU Executive Board that Weert will be one of the hosts for the European Cup 2016.

The European Cup consists of Junior and Elite races. Weert will only host the Elite European Cup races.
Other cities like Madrid (Spain), Kupiskis (Litovenia), Kitsbühel (Ostria), Holten (The Netherlands) and Tartu (Estonia) will also host the ETU European Cup races.

ETU agenda 2016

The fourth race of the ETU European Cup series will be in Weert, during the second weekend of june 2016 (10,11 and 12 juni 2016). The third and final day of the City Triathlon Weert 2016 will have a European theme. Next year is not the first time that Weert will be a host city for European triathlon races. In 2014, Weert hosted the European Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Qualifiers. During these races young triathletes could qualify themselfs for admission to the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing (China). During the 2014 European YOG Qualifier over 140 triathletes from 31 participated in this amazing race.

ETU about Weert:
“Weert – Another solid event that has in the past been used to select athletes for the Youth Olympics. Easy to get to and with a very warm welcome”.

Photo impression of the 2014 European YOG Qualifier, with the Weert 600 Year City promotion.

We would like to welcome everybody to visit the City Triathlon Weert during the weekend of June, 10, 11 and 12, 2016.
Foundation City Triathlon Weert