The time has come! The official NTB race calendar for 2016 has just been presented. On the NTB conference on Saturday, November 21st it was announced that, among other Weert will host for the exciting competition of the 2nd Division. Reason for us to present the complete 2016 program of the City Triathlon Weert 2016.

Friday, June 10; triathlon for the youth

stw_3For a few years, the friday of the triathlon weekend is dedicated to the youth. At 15:00h elementary school students from multiple elementary schools of Weert will start at the Run-Bike-Run race. After the elementary school students the high school (1st and 2nd year) will have a go on the run-bike-run courses. The final race of the day will be hosted by AV Weert with their annual Singelloop. We, as City Triathlon Weert, are proud to announce the partnership between AV Weert and City Triathlon Weert. The day ends with a volunteers evening to thank our most valued assets: the volunteers.

Saturday, June 11;  recreational triathlon

2014 ETU YOGA day with many different races! Special on this day is the Flag Parade to welcome our international triathletes in Weert. The day ends with our company competition race, in which multiple companies battle to become the best in triathlon. 3 athlets per team, one for each disipline! By working together they will try to set the fasted time! This can only turn out te be a very fast and exiting race!

Sunday, June 12; top triathlon

etu_logo_4fbgThe final day of the City Triathlon Weert will host the ETU European Cup. For the Elite, this will be the 4th face in the European Cup series. Other European Cup races are held in cities like Madrid, Riga, Bled and Alanya! This is the reason why we – as the city of Weert – are pround to be part of this series.

2edivisieOnce the ETU European Cup race have ended, the 2ndDivision OD race starts. Last years City Triathlon Weert also hosted a 2ndDivsion race, but not the OD. In 2016 a total of 20 men-teams and 17 women-teams will start.

City Triathlon Weert 2016: A special mix of races! All types of athletes will participate: youth, recreation, parents and children and even the best from Europe! Be part of this sport spectacle and come visit one of the race on June 10 till June 12, 2016