Weert; a city of tradition and culture, of shopping and cosiness, of events and nature!

Weert has still its authentic character. This can be seen in the historic city centre, and the untouched villages in nature. The authentic character of Weert can also be found in various events which are repeated annually. Weert is the gate to Limburg. The gate to a world of surprises.
Sportgemeente 2012
The real ‘Weertenaar‘ is a club man. They love making fun, love tradition, love family. Going out and eating the famous Weerter pie are some of the daily activities. The Weerter pie (in Dutch: ‘vlaai‘) is characteristic for Weert. But Weert has much more to offer; a rich history, a green environment and many (international) events!
Groenste Stad van Nederland 2012 Groenste Stad van Europa 2013 Groenste Regio van de Wereld 2014
Weert has around 50.000 inhabitants and is an average size city. Our city has all facilities people want. But despite the size Weert managed to keep all the benefits of a community. Weert is the gate to Limburg, and is therefore an excellent starting point for trips to the beautiful nature. Weert is grand in a urban environment, but also rural in one of the surrounding villages.